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Best Pregnancy Announcement Video Ever

This couple made one of the greatest, if not the greatest pregnancy announcement you will ever see. Check it out …

Do It Yourself Brooch Bridal Bouquet

Check this out: Don’t pay $500 or more to make your bridal bouquets. You can do it yourself! It’s very easy. For more DIY tips, check out this youtube page

Wedding Website – A Friendly Advice

Weddings are heaven made and happen practically, every weekend in the world. Weddings are special, magical moments in people’s lives. It can happen suddenly, or after a long wait, and it usually comes with tons of to-do lists for the festivities associated with weddings. Some of these are finding the perfect venue, wedding dress shopping, […]

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Creating Your Wedding Website

There is a lot to think about when creating a wedding website or having one professionally made for you. What kind of information is required for a wedding website? What is too much information? How many songs to include for the playlist? Do you even want songs? Well, that is what we are here for […]

What To Look For In A Wedding Website

Custom wedding websites are becoming more popular with engaged couples or even newly married couples. Planning a wedding with a website is a great way to not only announce an upcoming wedding but also to share the excitement of the upcoming wedding with family members and friends. There are several benefits of having a wedding […]

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